Phooka Photobomb

 The quest to find the missing cheese puffs has brought you here!  Why not document your journey with the Phooka by posting that time he photobombed you while you searched for his snacks.

  1. You can get a digital sticker of the Phooka below at my Google Drive: Grab your Phooka Photobomb digital Sticker
  2. You can use him on any photo.  It's easy.  Plenty of phone apps will do this, but I use Canva. ( or the Canva App)  It's free for this sort of thing. Little mini-tutorial below.
  3. Post your Phooka Photobomb in the comments on the campaign and/or on any social media with the hashtag #PhookaPhotoBomb!  

If we hit 25 Photobombs across the social media platforms the Side Quest 2 rewards unlock for all!

Canva mobile tutorial.