Mystic Island Ticket Sales

There's no possible way Fintan can be right about Aural Nocturna and the Mystic Island Festival.  Yes, you're sure Fae and other magical creatures are real, but they don't mix with humans. They'd definitely not be so brazen as to walk openly among us playing fiddles and singing to a live audience.

Regardless, if you have to attend the Mystic Island Festival, you'll need those limited backstage access tickets the band has for sale.  For once, at least, Portland weather is being kind.  Not a cloud in the sky, and the early evening air is crisp with the scents of the changing season.

There is already a small crowd gathered in front of the makeshift stage at the edge of the Gresham park, the suburbs stretch in the distance. You spot a clear spot near the stage's edges that should allow you to observe the band.

After a brief, microphone feedback filled introduction, two members of Aural Nocturna take the stage.

two elves playing fiddle, one male one female 

One thing's for sure, whoever made those elf ears was an expert in special effects makeup. They look real.  You edge closer to figure out how their clothes glow so bright, but can't detect any small lights or other artificial means of illumination. Perhaps you were wrong to doubt Fintan's instincts.

It's when they begin to play all doubt evaporates. In all the stories about Fae music, its effect on mortals is always the same: entrancement. As the duo from Aural Nocturna lift their fiddles and begin a lilting toon filled with haunting minor keys, you feel an energy surround you..

The sound winds its way through your body, unknotting muscles, soothing nerves, and whispering that all is bliss. You feel your consciousness receding like the tide. Fortunately you've prepared for this and you jam a pair of earplugs into your ears.

That band is definitely Fae. Erimus Pharmaceutical must truly be planning something at Mystic Island, but what does any of that have to do with a coming magical war?

You hurry to the ticket table and dig in your pocket for money.

button that says "buy" tickets*

* You aren't actually buying anything