Hunted by Fae Illustrated Edition Preview

What's better than an awesome urban fantasy book? An ILLUSTRATED one.

Why did I write this series?

I spent much of my career as a therapist working with people struggling with trauma and substance use problems. (No, none of the characters are modeled on any of my former patients) That work taught me much about heroism.  Despite my love for the field, eventually I had to leave it for my own well-being. 

A decade ago, my tattered, threadbare soul washed up on the shores of Ireland on an extended journey led by a Celtic shamanic practitioner. My worn soul drank in that verdant landscape, and, as we walked the paths of the Tuatha, drank from the Well of Wisdom, sat with the hag Beara during her summer vigil, and stood on mythic battlefields. Those stories, in that place were my healing.

And, though it took a decade to germinate, the seed of this series was planted in that liminal space where the torrent of my life poured into the deep stillness of myth. Where the old Irish stories my grandmom told me took on new meaning.


What if the legends of Celtic myth continued into the present day? When the Tuatha dé Danann, the Celtic gods, arrived in Ireland, they fought two great battles; the First and Second Battles of Moytura.  The first war was against the ancient inhabitants of Ireland, the Fir Bolg, and the second was against the wicked Fomorians.

The ancient Celts had a bit of an obsession with things occurring in threes. Triple goddesses, three worlds, and it's always the third prince who makes the right choice.  He kisses the withered hag and wins the beautiful bride.

There’s a battle missing.

Until now…

This series is that story. 

Her life was hardly the stuff of fairy tales… until the fairy tales came to kill her.

For Harper O’Neill, life has settled into a routine: Wake up. Care for her ailing mother. Maybe hang out with her best friend, Emilio, before turning in.

But when strangers show up in her town, peddling a mysterious drug known only as Dust, Harper’s hum-drum existence is thrown into chaos and danger. For the strangers are minions of Badb Catha, a Fae goddess of Celtic legend who wants to escape her own dying world… by conquering ours.

Using Dust to enslave humans, Badb Catha has been building her forces, trying to complete the magic portal which will allow the Fae invasion to begin. Now, the goddess just needs one more thing: to find – and take – the magic power entrusted to the human High King Niall over a thousand years ago.

A magic now found in the blood of the High King’s direct descendant, Harper O’Neill.

Harper’s family has disappeared. Her best friend enslaved… or worse. And Badb Catha’s minions are close behind, ready to kill her and so begin a war that will destroy or enslave every human alive.

The world is on the brink of disaster, and the one thing that can save it is the magic and will of a woman Hunted by Fae.

a brown haired caucasian woman behind her is Portland at night, illustration in a comic style.  A book review is included on the front. That states the book was a page turner, was rated 5 stars.

To bring the story to life, I created ten color full page illustrations for this special edition only available in my shop. 

three pictures against a night forest background.  one is an African dryad dressed in flowing sage green, the other is a brown haired caucasian woman in a yellow flowing dress with magic blooming in her hands, and the other is a blue skinned Fae with a muscular chest and black bat wings.

Each chapter has its own header image and one of ten full page background illustrations.

The illustrations were created with my photographs and sketches fleshed out in various tools including Procreate, Adobe Firefly, Photoshop Elements, and more. Some generative tools were used in the creation of the images.

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 glowing yellow letters say The Project against a comics style city background.

This illustrated edition was brought to life by my Kickstarter Backers. The Kickstarter edition of Hunted by Fae packs even more awesome into the pages.  7 more color illustrations, 4 more full page chapter headings, a bonus chapter, and author's note.

a grid showing the differences previously listed in the text between the different editions of the book

Plus, in my Kickstarter campaigns you can get special hardbacks, signed or unsigned. I designed a Kickstarter exclusive dust jacket for the hardback edition.

the hardback of Hunted by Fae against a cloudy sky background.  In blue shades. The cover has the protagonist, a brown haired caucasian woman with her back partly turned overlooking the city. blue magic blooms from her hand.

The Hunted by Fae campaign ended in July 2023, but the Kickstarter for Book 2, The Cursed Land, launches Jan/Feb 2024. The campaign editions of Hunted by Fae, including the hardback, will return within that project.

Harper, the protagonist in a dark forest looking afraid, beside her is the special edition of the Cursed Land Hardback.  On the cover is the same character, rushing toward the viewer with a flaming sword.

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